Additional Information: Use of Tokyo Tech's International Researcher Housing to Self-Isolate Is Prohibited

*This is an update on our September 3rd announcement.
"Use of Tokyo Tech's 80th Anniversary Hall Housing to Self-Isolate is Prohibited"

As of September 3, all individuals coming from another country into Japan are required to self-isolate for a period of 14 days beginning the day after the arrival date. In addition, said individuals must arrange a location prior to arrival where they will stay during this period.

Please refer to the website of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare at: (in Japanese only)

In accordance with the government policy, current residents and those expecting to move-in to Tokyo Tech's International House or the 80th Anniversary Hall Housing (collectively referred to as "International Researcher Housing") and their families are required to stay in a location other than the International Researcher Housing for a period of 14 days after (re)entering Japan.

How to count the days: If you enter or re-enter Japan on October 1, you have to stay in a location other than the International Researcher Housing from October 2 through 15. You will be allowed to stay in the International Researcher Housing starting October 16.

* For our new residents: We will ask about your planned date of entry to Japan when we contact you to confirm your move-in date to our residence.
* For current residents: If you plan to go outside of Japan, please contact us at

We appreciate your kind understanding.