Japanese Medical System & AED Training Seminar (Ookayama Campus, 7/6)

June 19, 2018 

HUB-International Communications Space (HUB-ICS) will be holding a seminar for international students and researchers on the Japanese Medical System. We will explain the health insurance system in Japan, medical services available on campus, points to remember when visiting a hospital, and other healthcare-related information.

After that, the Tokyo Tech Health Support Center will hold an AED training seminar. They will explain how to provide first aid and demonstrate how to use an AED device. During the seminar, participants can try using the AED on their own! (Registration required)

To register, send an email to ics@jim.titech.ac.jp by Wednesday, July 4. In your email, please include the following information:



AED Seminar



Status: (B1, M2, Researcher, etc.)



・The number of participants for AED training is limited to 12.
・If you need to leave the AED demonstration early, please let us know in advance.
・If you just want to watch the AED demonstration, registration is not required.
・All Tokyo Tech members are welcome to join.

Date: Friday, July 6, 2018
Time: 12:30-13:30
Place: Ookayama Campus, HUB-ICS, West Bldg. 9, Floor 1


AED講習では、保健管理センターが応急処置の方法やAEDの使い方を説明し、実際に参加者の方にも体験して頂けます。 AED講習への参加には、事前のご予約が必要です。ご予約方法については、英文をご覧ください。


場所:大岡山キャンパス HUB-ICS (西9号館1階)