HUB-ICS Lunch Time Events

October 1, 2018 

Hello, everyone!
HUB-ICS Lunch time events will start again!

  • From Oct 3, Wed(12:30-13:15) English Cafe
    Whether you are interested in practicing your language skills or looking for a place to relax, this event is for you. Hosted by faculty members from the Institute for Liberal Arts.
  • From Oct 16, Tue(12:30-13:15) Japanese Cafe
    Calling all international students interested in practicing Japanese and Japanese students looking to interact with international students! Enjoy chatting in Japanese about the topic of the week. Everyone is welcome, regardless of Japanese language proficiency!
  • Please come and join us!!
  • *No Think Aloud! Lunch this semester.
  • *Please check TISA's website about their event shcedule.

  • HUB-ICSのお昼休みイベントが新学期からまた始まります!

  • 10/3~(水)12:30-13:15 English Cafe
  • リベラルアーツの先生方をホストにお招きし、グループで英語でフリートークを楽しむイベントです。英会話の練習に是非!
  • 10/16~(火)12:30-13:15 Japanese Cafe
  • お昼ご飯を持って、お気軽にご参加ください!
  • *Think Aloud! Lunchは今期の開催はありません。
  • *TISAイベントについては、TISAのHP等をご確認ください。