Topics, Phrases and Idioms 10

January 24, 2018 

Topics, Phrases and Idioms 10

1. Introduction

  • Last Think Aloud! Lunch this academic year!

2. Augmented Bodies

  • 1. What ways can you think of of adding technology to the human body? What are or would be the benefits?
  • 2.What issues do you think augmented bodies will raise for society? How would you solve these issues?
  • 3.What would you change or not change about your body? Why?
  • 4. Think aloud!...

3. Phrases / Idioms

  • "Your finger on the pulse (of something)" =Knowledge of what is happening now inan area
  • "Wrapped around someone's little finger" =Manipulate/control someone
  • "Over my dead body!" ="I'll do everything I can to prevent you doing it"