English Document Support

The English Document Support Team was established by the International Affairs Division in 2012 as part of an Institute-wide effort to internationalize.

We offer three types of support: (i) Japanese to English translation, (ii) English editing, and (iii) referral to outside translation agencies.

i. Japanese to English translation

Our team of skilled translators focuses on empowering clients with global communication and helping them conduct their business smoothly. We customize our services to cater to the varied needs of our clients.

ii. English editing

Our editors, from diverse educational and professional backgrounds, cover many types of documents and customize the editing to focus on grammar, style and format, language structure and rhetoric, word choice, and even content, depending on clients’ needs.

iii. Referral to outside translation agencies

When referring clients to translation companies, we also provide the company with a glossary of terms used at the Institute. In addition, clients may save on translation fees by reusing previously translated material accumulated by the English Document Support Team.

The scope of our services

Currently, support is limited to administrative documents or those specially accepted by a senior member of the International Affairs Department. The team does not handle PR-related documents such as newsletters and blogs.
However, the team does welcome inquiries from international students and researchers regarding documents that require our attention.
If you encounter any language difficulties with the Institute’s documents, such as important notices without English translations or difficult-to-comprehend content, please contact us at soudan.english@jim.titech.ac.jp. Attach the documents in question, send photos, or include relevant URLs so we can identify the offices in charge. Depending on the volume of requests, we cannot guarantee that all documents brought to our attention will be translated or revised.

Writing resources

List of edited/translated documents

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Ms.Watanabe, Ms.Iwata
International Infrastructure Group
International Affairs Division
Research Promotion Department
Ext: 2014, 4187
Email: soudan.english@jim.titech.ac.jp