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This time, we would like to introduce you to “Social Residence Aobadai”.

A 15-minute walk from both Aobadai and Fujigaoka stations of the Tokyu Denentoshi line, this spacious 3 story apartment is located on a hill in a quiet neighborhood.

It has fantastic common areas, such as a gym with exercise machines for you fitness lovers, shared balconies on the second and third floors where you can enjoy excellent views while testing your barbeque skills, as well as a large, public bath for the days you need to unwind and relax.

In addition, there are convenient communal showers, and a washbasin installed in each room.

Aobadai is a major train station where express trains stop and around which there are several supermarkets for your everyday shopping enjoyment.

In a neighborhood abundant with the lush greenery of small, charming parks, you will certainly find a favorite place or two for taking a stroll.

For inquiries relating to vacancy as well as general information, check out the site below!

“Social Residence Aobadai”