Shared Houses

Unlike rental apartments in Japan, shared houses and guest houses are furnished. However, kitchens, bathrooms, and other facilities often must be shared. Because of this, shared houses are generally more economical than weekly or monthly accommodations.

Shared House Listings in English

  • Oakhouse
    Tokyo/Kanagawa/Saitama/ Chiba/
    240 properties (5,888 rooms on the whole)
    Aobadai, Tama Plaza, Miyazakidai apartments in Tokyu Denentoshi line
    *Properties with good access to Ookayama/Suzukakedai campus Properties List
  • Interwhao
    60 properties (More than 1,000 rooms)
    Mizonokuchi, Ichigao, Futakotamagawa apartments in Tokyu Denentoshi Line
    *Properties with good access to Ookayama/Suzukakedai campus Properties List
  • Sakura House
    155 properties (More than 1,700 rooms)
    Nakameguro, Toritsudaigaku in Tokyu Toyoko Line, Yoyogi in JR Yamanote Line
  • Ekichika
    6 properties within reasonable price range
    Motosumiyoshi apartments in Tokyu Toyoko Line
  • Be Good Japan
    59 properties (More than 1000 rooms)
    Nishi-Koyama in Tokyu Meguro Line
  • Residence Tokyo
  • ReBITA

Sites Listing Shared Accommodations