Rules and Precautions

Garbage and Recycling

In Japan, garbage and recyclables must be sorted by type and set out on the appropriate day. Procedures will differ depending on the city, but in general, you will need to know the following:

  • How to separate your garbage into burnable and unburnable items
  • How to separate your recyclables
  • When and where to drop off your garbage

Information in English

Many municipal offices provide information on garbage collection and recycling in English. Following are links for some areas near Tokyo Tech:

Illegal Dumping

If you put out garbage that does not meet the requirements for your area, it will not be collected. Furthermore, dumping garbage in undesignated areas is against the law. To avoid creating problems for you and your neighbors, please follow the rules.


Apartments in Japan tend to have thin walls, allowing noise to travel easily between apartments. Therefore, avoid making loud noises, particularly late at night and early in the morning.

Tip: Be considerate of your neighbors

Refrain from holding loud parties, using washing machines and vacuum cleaners late at night, and any other activities that might disturb your neighbors.

Common Areas and Balconies

Common areas such as hallways and stairs are used as emergency escape routes. Therefore, do not leave garbage or personal belongings in these areas. Balconies may also serve as escape routes. For your safety, keep your balcony clear of personal belongings.


If you wish to live with someone in a rental apartment, that person must be mentioned in the contract. Living with someone who is not mentioned is a breach of contract.


Lending or subletting your apartment to another person without permission is a breach of contract.