Hello Everyone!

It has been especially hot this summer. How have you been so far?

Tokyo Institute of Technology Housing Support would like to tell you about some charming districts and shopping areas located near each campus to help you choose the area in which you would like to live as well as to offer you ideas when going out with friends and family.

First, we have Chuo-rinkan Tokyu Square, a shopping center on the east side of Chuo-rinkan, Tokyu Denentoshi line’s last station.

Just renovated and reopened in March of 2018, this three-story complex containing a supermarket, 100-yen shop, bakery, take-out sushi, cafes, and more can be reached in just six minutes from Suzukakedai station for all your shopping needs. As of April 2018, the building also became home to the Yamato City Library for all you booklovers. It is located on the third floor and open until 9 pm daily.

Yamato City Library (Japanese)

Aside from the convenience of the Chuo-rinkan shops, there are two stunning parks within walking distance from the station: Tako Memorial Park, at which there is also a small tearoom called “Jirokuan” for performing traditional tea ceremonies, and Utsunomiya Memorial Park, whose trails are beautifully decorated with seasonal plants for your viewing pleasure. Visit both to enjoy an occasional, peaceful stroll.

Tako Memorial Park/Jirokuan (Japanese)

Utsunomiya Memorial Park (Japanese)

About a 30-minute train ride from Chuo-rinkan (via Nagatsuta on the Tokyu Denentoshi line is Kodomo No Kuni theme park, which means “children’s world”.

A 3-minute walk from the station, this 100 hectares of adventure includes a cattle ranch and sheep grazing in the park, a swimming pool in the summer and an ice-skating rink in the winter, as well as the occasional Sunday flea market. Kids and adults alike are welcome to take part in the cycling activities and barbeques held on the grounds.

Check out the website below for hours of operation and admission fees, and get ready to discover something new!