Hello Everyone! We hope you had a wonderful summer vacation!

For round two of our guide through the city, we would like to introduce you to a little area called “Senzokuike” or “Senzoku Pond” — a charming pond and park near the campus. Literally meaning “washing one’s feet”, it was named after Buddhist legend Nichiren, a priest of the Kamakura Era who used the body of water to purify his feet before taking his trip to Ikegami Temple.

It is one of the largest ponds in Tokyo, famous also for the breathtaking beauty of its surrounding cherry blossom trees, which are in full bloom in the spring. People of all ages are attracted by the delightful rowboats and swan-shaped boats, which are especially popular on weekends, when many families, couples and friends gather. Many in the neighborhood enjoy the encircling 1.2 km trail on which they can go for a run or walk their dogs.

The park, a great place to take a walk and feel at one with nature, is also home to the historical grave of Katsu Kaishuu, a famous samurai in the late Edo period. Join the many wild bird lovers in winter, who lie in wait for the perfect photo op of the Kingfisher, or “flying jewel”, to take flight on their blue wings into the sky!

Or watch baby spot-billed ducks chase after their mother in the water beside carefree turtles lolling about nearby in the spring. Also, don’t forget to stop by any one of the lovely cafés and bakeries around the park to enjoy a break from your stroll!

Senzokuike Park (Japanese)