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Summer is around the corner!

We would like to introduce the Oimachi area, which is probably a familiar station for most of you who come to Ookayama campus.

Oimachi connects three railway lines – JR, Tokyu, and Rinkai – and has a limousine bus service to Haneda airport as well. For those traveling to Ookayama or Tamachi campus from Haneda airport, Oimachi is definitely a good place to book accommodations.

Surrounding the station are modern stores like Ito-Yokado department store, Atre-Oimachi shopping mall, and Yamada-Denki electronics shop. However, you can also find a traditional Japanese shopping street nearby, or shoutengai, down which you can take a stroll to find original, authentic izakayas and enjoy a drink in a Showa era-like atmosphere.

In addition, Oimachi is getting ready for the 2020 Olympics, so you will also find a number of sports facilities including some at which you can practice surfing and even enjoy a barbecue.

A free shuttle bus operates between Oimachi Station and Shinagawa Aquarium. In less than 20 minutes, you can be walking through an impressive underwater tunnel to see astonishing aquatic creatures. Dolphin and sea lion shows are featured throughout the day. A big, relaxing park surrounds the aquarium where you can enjoy a walk as well.

Tokyo Tech Minamishinagawa House, a new male-only dormitory that opened in April 2018, is also located 11 minutes on foot from Oimachi station.

There are so many things to discover in Oimachi that it would be a pity to miss them. Make a short stop to walk around and explore the special charm of the area!

shoutengai aquarium

Sport Shinagawa Oimachi

Shinagawa Aquarium

Minamishinagawa House