We hope everyone has been enjoying the hot, wonderful summer days! 掲載用800px-Tokyo_Metro_8000_series_Tokyu_Den-en-toshi_Line_20170721 from wikipedia.jpg

This month, we would like to introduce you to the Minami-Machida area, which is one station away from Suzukakedai and around 35 minutes direct from Shibuya via express.

South of the station is a three-story commercial complex called “Grandberry Park,” which consists of approximately 230 shops including everything from fashion and home accessories to restaurants, a movie theater, and several open spaces. The area surrounding the shopping center is currently under development and will be home to Tsuruma Park, opening in November of this year, at which people can enjoy nature, tennis courts, a children’s playground, and more. In addition, the Snoopy Museum Tokyo will be reopening in the following month between the commercial complex and the new park. This recreational area as well as the station will be named/renamed “Minamimachida Grandberry Park.” It is a great place not only for shopping but also for outdoor walks and other light exercise – a wonderful area for people of all ages to enjoy!

A branch of the local city office is conveniently located five minutes on foot from the station to assist those of you who are residents of the area. They are open weekdays except for public holidays.

There is also a spa nearby to which hot water is transported by tanker every morning from Yugawara Onsen – a leading hot springs resort in Japan. Begin de-stressing on the free shuttle service from the station that takes you there!

A bit further away from the station, about a 20-minute walk, sits a fashionable town called “Mark Springs,” a modern, upscale community well known for its use as a backdrop to popular TV shows. Drop by and possibly catch the filming of a drama series!

Minami-Machida also houses a major station at which express trains and midnight express buses from Tokyo and Shinjuku stop, and from which it is very easy access to central Tokyo.

From the bus terminal north of the station, you can also catch an airport limousine to either Haneda or Narita airport, or an express bus to Fuji-Q Highland or Kawaguchiko.

The Minami-Machida area is growing in popularity. Don’t miss out! Take the time to pay it a visit soon!

鶴間公園,_Tsuruma_Park_-_panoramio from wikimedia commons.jpg

鶴間公園 (Japanese)

Snoopy Museum Tokyo

Spa: Tokyo Yugawara Onsen Manyo-no-Yu, Machida