Happy September, everyone! With every rainfall, we take a step closer to autumn. Get your sweaters and jackets out!

Today we would like to introduce you to the area of Ichigao as well as a charming shared house in the neighborhood that could be a new cozy home for you or a friend.


About a 15-minute commute by train from Suzukakedai, Ichigao station is home to Etomo-Ichigao shopping mall, which hosts a vast array of Italian and Japanese restaurants/cafés, Tokyu Store supermarket, 100-yen shop Daiso, and more. There is also a 24-hour supermarket called Seiyu, which is a 3-minute walk away. Not only does it provide you with all of your grocery shopping needs, but the store also holds a festival in the parking lot every summer.


If you take the 8-minute walk to the Aoba Ward Administration Office, you will come across many delightful sculptures, two of which sit in “Ichigao Daisan Park” – a man playing the saxophone and a horse – creating a museum-like ambience. Adjacent to the ward office is the Aoba Sports Center at which you can train on their exercise machines for a small fee. The Aoba Public Hall also holds various events such as free concerts.

Take a stroll through another nearby park, Ichigao Iseki Park, which is an historic site that contains ancient burial caves said to house the tombs of powerful farmers of the 6th and 7th centuries. We can actually touch and enter them! This area also offers fantastic scenery in which you can enjoy relaxing or soaking up the rich history. We are sure that you will find something that you like in Ichigao.


And now to our main feature: a shared house only 4 minutes from the station – “Firsthouse Ichigao”! This three-story structure has 34 rooms, all of which get plenty of sunshine. Each bedroom is equipped with the necessities such as an air conditioner, refrigerator, bed, desk, chair, and closet.

Enjoy cooking meals in the large, open kitchen and chatting with other residents in the lounge, two of many shared spaces in the house. Other common spaces include a kitchenette on the third floor, bathrooms – with some exclusively for women – shower rooms, and a laundry room. The laundry room is equipped with coin-operated washers and dryers, an iron and ironing board, vacuum cleaner, and a vending machine.


For more information on vacancy, discounted rent, etc., check out the site below!

Firsthouse Ichigao





Ichigao Daisan Park (Japanese)

Yokohama-shi Aoba Sports Center (Japanese)

Yokohama-shi Aoba Public Hall (Japanese)

Ichigao Iseki Park (Japanese)