Furnished Rooms for Family

Some furnished rooms are designed to accommodate 2 or more people. As the maximum number of people per room varies, please be sure to check with the property agent. An additional fee may be required per extra person. Sites are in Japanese unless otherwise noted.

  • Tokyu Stay Yotsuya (English)
    Twin rooms may accommodate 3 people at an extra charge
    3 minutes from Yotsuya station: Akasaka exit from JR line, exit 2 from Tokyo Metro namboku or Maruonuchi lines
  • Tokyu Stay Kamata (English)
    Twin rooms may accommodate 3 people at an extra charge
    3 minutes from Kamata station, Keikyu line or Keikyu Airport line
    8 minutes from Kamata station, Keihin Tohoku line
  • Livemax
    9 minutes from Ookayama station, Tokyu Meguro line or Tokyu Ooimachi line
    13 minutes from Toritsudaigaku station, Tokyu Toyoko line
  • Tohto Monthly
    13 minutes from Shinagawa station, JR Yamanote line
    9 minutes from Kita Shinagawa station, keihin Kyuko line
    15 minutes from Osaki station, JR Yamanote line
    The penthouse may accommodate up to 4 people
    From 10,000JPY~/night
    4 minutes from Ishikawadai station, Tokyu Ikegami line

Suzukakedai Area

  • Tsukigime Club Yokohama Community
    2 minutes from Tooka Ichiba station, JR Yokohama line 
    (One stop from Nagatsuda station of the Tokyu Denentoshi line)
  • Aobadai Forum Hotel (English)
    Rooms may accommodate up to 3 people
    2 minutes from Aobadaistation, Tokyu Denentoshi line