Tokyo International Exchange Center

Tokyo International Exchange Center (TIEC) is a residence in Odaiba district mainly for students, which also accepts researchers when there is availability.

The following rent amounts and eligibility requirements are those specific to researchers.

Room Types

  • Single Rooms
    (Type A) 62,000 yen per month
    (Type B) 78,000 yen per month
  • Couple/Family Rooms
    (Type C) 112,000 yen per month
    (Type D) 129,500 yen per month


  • 3 minutes walk from Fune-no-Kagakukan station on Yurikamome line
  • 15 minutes walk from Tokyo Teleport station on Rinkai line
  • 30 minutes by train to Ookayama
  • 75 minutes by train to Suzukakedai


Those who can currently apply through Tokyo Institute of Technology must satisfy all of the following conditions:

    1. Affiliated with Tokyo Institute of Technology and able to commute from TIEC
    2. Holding a residence status of "Professor", "Research", or "Cultural Activities"
    3. Meeting or expected to meet the following status when moving in:
      PhD obtained within the past 8 years, who are not full-time employees of research institutions in Japan
      Note: Excludes full-time employees affiliated with research institutes within Japan or
      those who are taking/planning to take leave.

Application Procedures

Applications may only be submitted through university personnel.

Researchers meeting requirements can apply for a room through the International Affairs Division (e-mail: kokuji.kib[at]

Further information on application procedures is available at (Internal access only)

Students who wish to apply can do so through the Student Support Division, Student Services Department.
Please refer to the Announcements page for current students for the latest information.