The International House of Tokyo Institute of Technology (the “Housing”) was established for the purpose of providing a place of residence in Japan for international researchers (researchers affiliated with Tokyo Institute of Technology (the “Institute”) and other universities) and to promote international exchanges in education and research.

The Housing is a complex of three buildings constructed with reinforced concrete and located in the Ishikawadai area on Ookayama campus.
In the two-story Main Building, you can find the International House Office, a reading room (including a children’s play area), a conference room, and a Japanese-style room that are open to all residents. A nursery within the building is open to residents and to the local community.
The three-story Single Housing consists of 73 single units (studio type, 18㎡ per unit). Laundry rooms only for the Single Housing residents are available on each floor.
The three-story Family Housing consists of 15 couple units (one bedroom, 39㎡ per unit) and 12 family units (two bedrooms, 56㎡ per unit).

Please note that there are no elevators in these buildings, and residents must use the stairs.

modified:November 14, 2023