Can I send/will you receive my luggage before I move in?

-We do not receive/keep your luggage before your arrival at the International House. Please have it arranged so that you can receive luggage yourself or at your lab.

Will you lend kitchenware at the IH?

We only provide a cutlery set/s(fork, knife, spoon, plate, cereal bowl, mug) at the International House. We have some kitchenware, such as pans and dishes that former residents have left. The quantity is limited; please ask the office after you move in.

Are there towels, toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.) and detergent for kitchen and laundry in the rooms?

-The International House is not a hotel. Please bring/purchase them by yourself.

Is there a supermarket or 24-hour convenience store nearby?

-There is the Tokyu Store Ookayama branch, a supermarket in front of Ookayama station. There are some 24-hour convenience stores (Family Mart etc.) around Ookayama station. Also there is a Seven-Eleven on campus but the business day and business hours are limited.

Do you accept credit cards for the payment of facility charges?

-From April 2019, facility charges can be paid by credit card. Please see “Payment of the Facility Charge” of homepage for more details.

Can I make payments by bank transfer from abroad?

-The designated bank account accepts only domestic transfers.

How many residents are allowed per couple/family unit?

-For couple units, two residents (a researcher and his/her spouse) are allowed in principle. A couple with a child aged under two at the time of moving in may be allowed to reside in a couple unit.
-For family units, up to four residents (the researcher, his/her spouse and two children) are allowed in principle, and up to five residents if the family has a third child aged under two at the time of moving in.

Can my family/friends stay at my unit?

-Only the researcher and their family members (in principle, limited to spouses and children) indicated in the “Notification of Permission for Residence” are allowed to reside in the International House, and friends are not allowed to stay overnight.
-In addition, if the resident wishes to change the unit type due to a change in the number of accompanying family members (such as changing from a single unit to a family unit), it may be permitted.

-For details, please click the link below.

Can I park my bicycle at the International House?

-Bicycles must be registered.
① Bicycle theft prevention registration・・・Theft prevention registration for bicycles is required by Japanese law for all bicycle users. When you purchase or assume ownership of a bicycle please make sure to get a “Theft Prevention Registration Certificate”.
② Registration at the International House・・・Residents must register all bicycles at the International House office and put a registration sticker on each bicycle.
③ Registration at Tokyo Tech・・・Residents who are using bicycles on campus must register at Tokyo Tech. Only one bicycle per person can be registered on campus.
When you sell or handover your bicycle to someone else, you must transfer the “Bicycle Theft Prevention Registration.” When you want to discard a bicycle, you must cancel the “Bicycle Theft Prevention Registration” and pay a disposal fee. Please inquire about the disposal fee at the International House office.

Can I leave my umbrellas, bicycles, and/or other personal belongings in front of my door?

-The corridor of the housing unit must be cleared at all times, since it is a designated escape route in case of emergency. Please keep your personal belongings like umbrellas, shoes, strollers, and trolleys, etc. inside your unit and your bicycles at the designated parking areas. Do not leave anything outside your door and keep the corridor as clean as possible.

What is the rule on smoking at the International House?

-Tokyo Institute of Technology has a non-smoking policy. As the International House is located on campus, smoking is completely prohibited on the premises, at the main building and in the housing area, including in residents’ units. Please be aware that if we find any damage caused by smoking, the resident may be charged an extra fee to restore the unit to its original condition. Smokers are asked to smoke at the designated smoking area, to give extra consideration to other people near the smoking area, and to be careful with fire.

Is it possible to change the residence period after moving in?

-For those who would like to change the residence period after moving in due to an unavoidable situation, exceptions may be applied, so please contact the IH office as soon as possible. However it is not always acceptable depending on the room availability and the International House regulations. For application, the host researcher will need to submit “Application to Change Arrangements for Residence”. The submission deadline is different depending on the contents of changing, so please pay attention. Also please refer to this link.

modified:November 14, 2023