80th Anniversary Hall Housing is a non-smoking residence for researchers from abroad. The administration office staff, who speak Japanese and English, are able to help with information, procedures, and life at the 80th Anniversary Hall Housing. Feel free to contact the office anytime.

80th Anniversary Hall Housing is managed under its own rules and regulations, unlike those of a hotel. The information, including rules and regulations, can be found in these pages.

About 80th Anniversary Hall Housing

The 80th Anniversary Hall Housing of Tokyo Institute of Technology (the "Housing") was established for the purpose of providing a place of residence in Japan for international researchers (researchers affiliated with Tokyo Institute of Technology (the "Institute") and other universities) and to promote international exchanges in education and research.

The 80th Anniversary Hall is a two-story building constructed with reinforced concrete, standing in the north area on Ookayama campus.
The Housing is located on the second floor with 2 single rooms (studio type, 18㎡ per room) and an executive suite (two bedrooms, 117㎡).
There is a separate entrance only for residents.

Room Types