Kitchen gas stove, cooking counter, dishwasher and dryer, cooking utensils, refrigerator,
microwave oven, electric kettle, rice cooker, toaster, tableware, cupboard, trash can
Living room dining table, dining chairs, closet, desk and chair, small table, sofa, air conditioners,
television, DVD player, desk lamp, wall clock, air purifier, safety box, trash can
Bedroom beds, desk and chair, lamp table, folding bed (for children), dresser, desk lamp,
digital clock, bedroom lamp, air conditioners, wardrobe, closet, steam iron, ironing board,
vacuum cleaner, small heater, humidifier, full-length mirror, emergency flashlight, trash can
Bathroom hair dryer, bathroom dehumidifier, bathroom brush, bathroom trash can
Laundry washing machine, dryer
Balcony garden table set, laundry pole
Entrance shoe shelf, slippers,

Pictures of executive suite


Any equipment or item damaged, lost or dirtied — whether by accident or not — is subject to replacement at the resident’s expense.


Campus Wi-Fi is available in guest rooms for those affiliated with Tokyo Tech.
Family members can use Wi-Fi free of charge if they have downloaded the TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi app.
For details, please click here.
We recommend downloading the app prior to arrival.
*TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi is offered by Wi2, a private company. Please read the terms of use carefully.

modified:December 12, 2022