Are there toiletries, towels and soaps in the rooms?

-80th Anniversary Hall Housing is not a hotel. Please bring/purchase your own toiletries, towels and soap.

Is there a 24-hour convenience store nearby?

-There is a Family Mart near the main entrance. Also there is a Seven-Eleven on campus but the business days and business hours are limited.

Do you accept credit cards?

-From April 2019, facility charges can be paid by credit card. Please see “Payment of the Facility Charge” of homepage for more details.

Can I make payments from abroad?

-The designated bank account accepts only domestic transfers.

Can my family or friends stay at my room?

-Only the researcher and their family members (in principle, limited to spouses and children) indicated in the “Notification of Permission for Residence” are allowed to reside in the 80th Anniversary Hall Housing, and friends are not allowed to stay overnight. If there are any changes regarding the residents of your unit, such as an increase in the number of family members, an Application to Change Arrangements for Residence must be submitted via the relevant host researcher.
For details, please click the link below.

Can I park my bicycle at 80th Anniversary Hall Housing?

-Bicycles must be registered.
① Bicycle theft prevention registration・・・Theft prevention registration for bicycles is required by Japanese law for all bicycle users. When you purchase or assume ownership of a bicycle, please make sure to get a “Theft Prevention Registration Certificate.”
② Registration at 80th Anniversary Hall Housing・・・Residents must register all bicycles. Please contact the staff for details.
③ Registration at Tokyo Tech・・・Residents who are using bicycles on campus must register at Tokyo Tech. Only one bicycle per person can be registered on campus.
When you sell or handover your bicycle to someone else, you must transfer the “Bicycle Theft Prevention Registration.” When you want to discard a bicycle, you must cancel the “Bicycle Theft Prevention Registration” and pay a disposal fee. Please inquire about the disposal fee at the administrative office.

What is the rule on smoking at 80th Anniversary Hall Housing?

-Tokyo Institute of Technology has a non-smoking policy. As 80th Anniversary Hall Housing is located on campus, smoking is completely prohibited on the premises, including in residents’ rooms. Please be aware that if we find any damage caused by smoking, the resident may be charged an extra fee to restore the room to its original condition. Smokers are asked to smoke at the designated smoking area, to give extra consideration to other people near the smoking area, and to be careful with fire.

modified:November 2, 2023