The International House is not a hotel. Towels, toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.) and detergents for kitchen and laundry are not provided.

Duvets, bed pads, pillows, bed linens (sheets, duvet covers and pillow covers) and kitchenware (knives, forks, spoons, cereal bowls, plates, and mugs) are provided based on the number of family members.

Each unit is equipped with a LAN Internet connection and a cable.
Also Wi-Fi routers are available for each unit which can be used only inside the room.

*You should change the password before start using the Wi-Fi routers to strengthen security.


Kitchen gas stove, cooking space, electric pot, dining table,
dining chair, refrigerator, microwave, garbage disposal box
Bedroom bed, book shelf, closet/drawers, desk/chair, lamp stand, air conditioner,
TV, digital clock, emergency flashlight, interphone, laundry basket, hair dryer
Bathroom toilet bowl brush, garbage box
Balcony laundry bar
Entrance vacuum cleaner, slippers, pail/bucket, detergent for cleaning, emergency helmet

Pictures of a single unit

Single Building Shared Coin Laundry

  • Washing: 200yen/use
  • Drying: 100yen/30min.


Kitchen gas stove, cooking space, refrigerator, microwave, electric pot, garbage disposal box,
Living room dining table, dining chairs, cupboard, bookshelf, desk/chair, air conditioner,
TV & TV stand, lamp stand, digital clock, emergency flashlight, interphone,
TV stand, side table, arm chairs, hair dryer(FAMILY UNIT)
Bedroom beds, closet/drawers, side table, air conditioner, night lamp/stand, steam iron, ironing board,
hair dryer(COUPLE UNIT), emergency helmets(FAMILY UNIT)
Children’s room
(only Family Unit)
★bunk bed for children, drawers, shelf, desk/chair, air conditioner, lamp stand
Bathroom toilet bowl brush, garbage box, washing machine, laundry basket
Balcony laundry bars
Entrance mirror, slippers, pail/bucket, vacuum cleaner. detergent for cleaning,
emergency helmets(COUPLE UNIT)

Note: Bunk beds in family units are for children. We accept no responsibility for any accidents resulting from improper use of these beds. In addition, if they are damaged by such use, we will ask you to compensate for repair/repurchase costs. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding this matter.

Pictures of a couple unit

Pictures of a family unit


If the resident is responsible for any loss, damage or defacement of the facilities, furnishings and equipment — whether by accident or not –, he or she will be required to compensate for the damage to resotore them to their original condition.

modified:November 14, 2023