The applicant (i.e., host researcher) may have to deal with problematic situations and serve as an intermediary between the IH and the resident depending on the nature of the problem. Host researchers should explain and discuss this thoroughly with prospective residents before submitting an application.

The following are examples in which the IH requested applicants to take responsibility for damage caused by residents and deal with emergencies.


Damage caused by a resident inadvertently or intentionally, including fire damage

A fire, caused by a resident's negligence, damaged an air conditioning unit and an outside wall. The air conditioning unit had to be replaced and the wall needed to be repaired. As the resident was unable to pay, we consulted the applicant.

Note: Tokyo Tech will not pay for damage caused by a resident's negligence or error, and such instances are not covered by insurance. As such, residents must bear the cost of repair.

Sudden departure from Japan due to personal reasons, earthquake, etc.

A resident left Japan without notifying the IH and left belongings in the room. We requested the applicant to make arrangements to clean the room and dispose of items left behind. In addition, we requested the applicant to complete administrative procedures for changing the resident's period of stay, otherwise the facilities charges would continue to be incurred based on the "Tokyo Institute of Technology International House Notification of Permission for Residence" previously issued to the resident.

Delayed payment of facilities charges

When there is an issue related to delayed payments, the International House Office may notify the applicant as well as the resident.

Arrangements in medical and other emergencies

Should residents (including family members) become injured or ill, IH staff will provide first aid and information about medical facilities. However, the applicant will be responsible for accompanying the resident to hospital and communicating with hospital staff if necessary.

Trouble between IH residents or on campus

Applicants will be notified and asked to intervene when residents become involved in disputes with other residents and when an incident involving a resident on campus has been reported to the Institute, the management center or the police.

Loss of keys or property

When moving out, residents must return all room property and keys. Should a resident move out without returning IH property, the applicant will be expected to serve as the contact person and be responsible for the retrieval of items. If IH property cannot be retrieved, the applicant may be asked to keep in contact with the former resident and persuade him or her to return the property.

Note: For security reasons, applicants are expected to assume responsibility for returning keys.

Sudden cancellation of stay due to a schedule change without due consideration

The IH's reservation (including changes and cancellations) and payment rules are publicly available. Cancellation fees must be paid by the prospective resident even if he or she changes his or her plan and does not come to Japan. In such cases, we may ask the applicant to serve as an intermediary between that person and the IH.

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