Short-term Residence

(eight days or more and less than 1 month)

Facility charges are calculated using the formula indicated below: Multiplying "Daily Rent" by the length of the stay(days) plus "Move-in/out Fee".
Note: The days of move-in and move-out are included in the length of stay.

Type of UnitDaily RentMove-in/out Fee
Single 2,057yen 12,300yen
Couple 3,206yen 24,500yen
Family 3,833yen 35,400yen
-Calculation example-
【Moving-in: April 1 Moving-out: April 22 Single unit】
12,300yen + 2,057yen × 22days = 57,554yen

Long-term Residence

(one month or more)

Facility charges for long-term residence are indicated below. If the residence begins or expires in the course of a month, the rent of such month is calculated by multiplying the Daily rent by the length of the stay (days).
*Move-in and move-out days are included in the length of the stay.
*Utility charges for electricity, water, and gas are included in the rent. However, if the amount used exceeds the monthly limit set by the Institute must be paid by the Resident separately.

Type of UnitMonthly RentDaily RentMove-in/out Fee
Single 59,000yen 1,904yen 12,300yen
Couple 92,000yen 2,968yen 24,500yen
Family 110,000yen 3,549yen 35,400yen
-Calculation example-
【Moving-in: April 1 Moving-out: May 5 Couple unit】
24,500yen + 92,000yen + 2,968 × 5days = 131,340yen

*If the move-in date is the 16th of the month or later, the initial rent are the total of the month of moving in and the next month.

modified:November 26, 2019