Changing the move-in date after the issuance of the "Notification of Permission for Residence" is possible, but the request can be submitted only once, and then only if the "Application to Change Arrangements for Residence" is submitted 10 business days prior to the planned move-in date. (The 10 business days are calculated by counting backward from the non-holiday weekday immediately prior to the move-in date. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not included in the count.)

*1. Changes will be approved only if there is a unit available for the new period of stay. To change the move-in date to an earlier date, the application to change the move-in date must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the new move-in date.

*2. If the request to change the move-in date is submitted 10 business days in advance of the originally planned move-in date, but the new move-in date is more than a month from the original date, the reservation will be canceled. To re-reserve a unit, please refer to the "Cancellation and Re-reservation" page.

IH's accommodation of re-reservation requests is contingent on availability.

modified:September 12, 2019