OFFICE HOURS: Weekdays 9:00 - 17:00
Note: The online application form must be submitted within a week of the inquiry.

*The Japanese government requires every individual entering the country to self-isolate for 14 days at a location designated by the Chief of the Quarantine Station. Please be reminded, however, that the International House cannot be used as such a location.
Please check this link for more details.

1. Telephone inquiry

Ext. 3361 or 03-5734-3361

Please have the following information ready:

  • Applicant:
    Name, department/affiliation, extension number, internal mailbox number
  • Reservation details:
    Desired unit type(single/couple/family), desired residence period
  • Prospective resident:
    Name, nationality, gender, job title or status at Tokyo Tech, etc.

A receipt number will be given to you at the time of your inquiry, which will be necessary for the online application as well as any further inquiries.

If you plan to move into Tokyo Tech International House with more than four people, please use the template below after checking this link.

Should the applicant (host researcher) be away from campus on business and unable to make the inquiry by telephone, he/she may inquire by email using the template below. To confirm the information provided, IH staff may contact the applicant by telephone or email, and it may take extra time to issue the receipt number.

2. Submission of online application

Please apply, using the application form at the link below, within one week of your telephone inquiry. A room will be tentatively reserved once you submit it.

The user ID is the host researcher's m-address and the initial password is his or her staff ID number. Please change the password after logging into the system for the first time for security reasons.

After completing this step, the "Status" on My Page will change to "Applied". As the information cannot be edited at this point, please contact the International House Office by email for any changes you need to make.

Note 1: Make sure to fill in all necessary information. For parts to which you do not know the answer, please make a note of it and notify the office via email once you have obtained the information.

Note 2: The reservation will be cancelled if the application is not completed within one week of the telephone inquiry.

3. Application screening

The IH office may contact the applicant if there are some questions about the application. Applications will be screened. Please understand not all applications will be accepted. In such cases, The IH office will contact the applicant.

You will be notified of the screening results via email. In the meantime, the "Status" on My Page should be "Waiting".

Note: It will take one to two weeks for the screening.

4. Issuance of "Notification of Permission for Residence" (Formal reservation)

The IH office will send the following documents to the applicant (host researcher/institute) after the application has been approved.

  • Notification of Permission for Residence
  • Invoice for the first payment

The reservation becomes formal with the issuance of the "Notification of Permission for Residence". From this point, even if all conditions are met, changes to the contents can be made only once. Please refer to "Changing the Move-in date after the issuance of "Notification of Permission for Residence"". In addition, the reservation will be cancelled if the dates cannot be confirmed and the "Notification of Permission for Residence" is not issued by 10 business days prior to the planned move-in date (The 10 business days are calculated by counting backward from the non-holiday weekday immediately prior to the move-in date. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not included in the count.).

5. Move-in procedures

After the issuance of "Notification of Permission for Residence", about a week before the move-in date, the applicant will be notified of move-in procedures by email.

Move-in procedures must be completed during business hours (9:00 - 17:00 on weekdays) at the International House office. If the Resident is to move in when the office is closed, Residents can personally pick up the keys from a key box.

The following documents are required as part of the move-in procedures:

  • Resident(s') passport(s)
  • Residence card(s) (for those staying more than 3 months in Japan)

*Passport(s) /residence card(s) for family members are also required. Copies will be made at the office.

*Resident's signature and emergency contact in home country are required on "the Registration and Pledge" when moving-in.

modified:October 2, 2020