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Nationwide Numbers

Below are contact numbers in case of an emergency. If you are not sure if the situation requires an ambulance, please call the Emergency Telephone Consultation Center or the Emergency Medical Information Center beforehand. Nurses and former emergency medical technicians respond to inquiries on a 24-hour basis and can provide first-aid instructions and emergency hospital information. 

Also, there are important tips for calling an ambulance in Making the Most of the Ambulance Service.

Police 110
Ambulance & Fire 119

Emergency Telephone Consultation Center(Tokyo Fire Department)

*Service in Japanese only.

23 wards: 03-3212-2323

Tama area: 042-521-2323

From Cell Phone: #7119

Emergency Medical Information Center(Yokohama City)

*Service in Japanese only.

Within Yokohama City: #7119

From outside of the city: 045-232-7119

Note: When dialing from a campus phone, remember to add a zero before you dial the above numbers.

Fire and Medical Emergencies on Campus

If you call 119 for a fire or a medical emergency on campus, you must also notify the campus security guard office through the appropriate number below. The security guards will prepare for the arrival of emergency services and ensure that they reach your location without difficulty.

Ookayama Campus: 03-5734-3119
Suzukakedai Campus: 045-924-5119
Tamachi Campus: 03-3454-8532
Note: If dialing from a campus phone, dial only the last four digits.

Process flowchart for when fire occurred (pdf)

Incidents and accidents must also be reported to the General Safety Management Section ( through the responsible research lab etc. within 24 hours of occurrence.

Last updated August 8, 2023