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Guidelines for Using the Tokyo Tech Information Infrastructure

When using the Tokyo Tech information infrastructure, you are required to follow the guidelines below:

Be aware that using peer-to-peer file sharing software on the campus network is prohibited. For more information as well as a list of banned software, visit:

Campus Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi access is available throughout Tokyo Tech’s campuses. Researchers with a staff ID can access the TokyoTech network:

SSID: TokyoTech
Key: T2Wireless
Security: WPA2-PSK/AES
IP address and DNS: Auto

Please read the above guidelines carefully before using. If the use of peer-to-peer file sharing software is detected, we will suspend the use of your account.
Once connected, you will need to log in using your staff ID and password. See the user guide for more information:

Eduroam Wi-Fi

Eduroam is a free Wi-Fi service available at thousands of institutions worldwide, including Tokyo Tech. Tokyo Tech members can obtain an eduroam account by applying through Tokyo Tech Portal. Researchers who are visiting Tokyo Tech should check if they can obtain an account through their home institution.

For more information on eduroam at Tokyo Tech, visit:

Wi2 Hotspot Service

A paid Wi-Fi hotspot service call Wi2 is also accessible at Tokyo Tech. In addition to those on campus, they also have hotspots at other locations throughout Japan, such as train stations and shops.

Tokyo Tech Email

All researchers with a staff ID card or an access card are eligible for a Tokyo Tech email account. You can access your email account by logging in to Tokyo Tech Portal and registering your name and password. Your email account will expire within 90 days after the expiration date of your ID card, so be sure to backup any important emails in advance.

Site-Licensed Software

Tokyo Tech has site license agreements for Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows Upgrade, Sophos Endpoint Protection, and Adobe Creative Cloud usable by those who possess a staff ID card. For more information, visit:

Tokyo Tech also has licenses for various scientific software, including MATLAB and ChemOffice::



Other Resources

For inquiries, such as those regarding the campus network or Tokyo Tech email, contact information is available at:

Last updated August 8, 2023