Guide for International Researchers | Tokyo Tech


International researchers staying for more than 3 months in Japan will receive a residence card upon arrival in Japan. The residence card must be carried at all times.

Initial Procedures

Those who have received a residence card at the port of entry must visit their local municipal office with their residence card and notify the Ministry of Justice of their residence within 14 days of finding a place to settle down.

When changing your place of residence

You must take your residence card to the municipal office of your new residence and notify them within 14 days after moving. If you intend to move to a different city within Japan, you must also obtain a Moving-Out Certificate from your current municipal office within 14 days before moving and present it with your residence card to the municipal office of your new residence.

When having your residence card reissued

If your residence card is lost, stolen or damaged, please visit the Immigration Bureau within 14 days to have it reissued. You will need your passport, photograph, and an application form. If your residence card is lost or stolen, please notify the police as well.

For further details, please refer to the website of the Immigration Services Agency of Japan.


Last updated August 8, 2023