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Commuter Pass

If you live off-campus and plan to commute to campus by train, you may purchase the commuter pass rather than purchase tickets for each journey. The commuter pass is a form of discounted travel that can be purchased at commuter pass sales counter or vending machines that display “Commuter Pass” above them. The commuter pass may be purchased for a period of one, three or six months. If you travel frequent enough, the cost of a commuter pass will be lower than the total cost of purchasing tickets for each journey. Discount rates vary among railway companies. Check the websites of the respective railway companies for further information.

IC Cards

IC cards – such as Suica for JR East and PASMO for Tokyo’s railway, subway, and bus operators other than JR – are rechargeable cards that can be used, not only to pay fares for public transportation operated by different companies, but also to pay for purchases at a large number of stores. Make sure to charge money to your IC card before using it.

Bicycle Registration

If you plan to park a bicycle on campus, Institute regulations require that you register your bicycle and affix a registration sticker. All unregistered and improperly parked bicycles are subject to impoundment.

Procedures for Registration (for Staff and Faculty)
  1. Contact the Safety Management Group, Safety Planning Division for the Bicycle Registration Application, and print out the Bicycle Registration Application sent to you on A4 sized paper, double-sided, and fill in the required information.
  2. URL:

  3. Submit the registration form and a copy of the receipt* of your Theft-Prevention Registration Certificate* to either of the following departments:
  4. Affix the registration sticker to your bicycle in a visible location

    *If you lost your receipt, take your bicycle and your ID to the shop you purchased your bicycle, and ask for a copy of the documents filed at the shop. If you registered at a distant prefecture, re-registration is required for a change of residence to a different prefecture, so take your bicycle and your residence card to a nearby bicycle shop and proceed with re-registration. If you have a used bicycle handed over by a friend etc., go to a nearby bicycle shop, and proceed with re-registration.

    *Theft-Prevention Registration is usually handled by the shop when you purchase a bicycle.
Three Basic Guidelines for Riding Bicycles on Campus
  1. Refrain from purchasing a bicycle for exclusive use on campus
    Please refrain from purchasing a bicycle only for on-campus use, as there is limited bicycle parking on campus. If you use a bicycle, please ride safely on the left side of the road. Pedestrians have the right of way on campus.

  2. Affix your registration sticker to a visible location on your bicycle
    When you register your bicycle, you will receive an official registration sticker. Please be sure to affix the sticker so that it is visible on your bicycle. Bicycles without a registration sticker will be impounded. Your bicycle registration will be valid for a year from April to the end of March, and re-registration is required if if you wish to continue using it.

  3. Park your bicycle in the designated parking areas only
    Always park your bicycle in the designated bicycle parking areas. Bicycles found outside the designated parking areas will be impounded and de-registered. In addition, owners of bicycles that have been impounded will be charged a removal fee. Once de-registered, a bicycle cannot be re-registered for one year from the date of de-registration.

Bicycle Liability Insurance

Bicycle liability insurance covers accidents caused while riding a bicycle, including compensation claims for damage or injury to third parties. From October 1, 2019 in Kanagawa prefecture, and April 1, 2020 in Tokyo, bicycle liability insurance is mandatory for anyone who rides a bicycle in those areas.

Please check whether your own insurance coverage includes bicycle liability and, if not, obtain separate bicycle liability insurance as soon as possible.

Information on bicycle liability insurance with a chart for checking your insurance coverage

Last updated August 8, 2023